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How to get a FREE Blood Ketone Meter when Ketostix Fail

When I initially started a ketogenic diet, I would use the urine test strips to monitor for ketones, which would tell me if I was in ketosis or not. I wish someone had told me about this free Blood Ketone Meter!

However, I later found that my readings started to show nothing even though I had been eating a high fat, low carb diet. I wondered… what on earth was wrong?

Why do Ketostix Stop Working?

After doing some research, I found that once my body started to become accustom to a high fat diet and began to utilise the ketones for energy, the free ketones in my urine either did not exist or where not as strong.

Ketostix work mainly off the concentration of ketones in your urine. This makes the long-term use of Ketostix useless, as they will eventually start to read blank.

Ketostix start at a yellow colour (which means you are not in Ketosis) all the way up to a dark purple (which means you’re in fairly heavy ketosis).

Click on the Image Below to get Ketostix in Australia

ketostix australia

The solution? Blood Ketone Meter!

My girlfriend Adele loves to source out bargains at different chemists. As I came along to a few of these bargain hunting trips, I began to notice that I could use a device that is usually suitable for Diabetics called a Glucose Meter to monitor my ketones.

Diabetics need to monitor their ketone levels as to avoid Ketone Acidosis (which can be very harmful). They need to be very precise due to the nature of health risks that ketosis can pose to diabetics.

I wondered up to the counter to check the price of the device that also could check for Ketones. BAM! $70. I was not going to buy one from a chemist. You would have to be crazy!

Later that night I started researching these devices on eBay. Low and behold, I stumbled across this device for $29. What I did not notice straight away was that it also came with a $40 Rebate! Did this mean I could purchase this for FREE?

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Sure enough, I bought the device and eagerly awaited its arrival. It came within 1 day and also included a $40 rebate.

Show me where to get this!

So why am I telling you this? Well, I would have felt pretty bad if I had purchased the device in store, only to find out that I could have had the same device for free.

The only catch with this device is that you have to purchase the testing strips separately. It’s a much more accurate way to measure ketones, so purchasing the strips is worth it.

Blood Ketone Meter

This is an affiliate link, so if you are going to purchase the device anyway, please click-through this link as it helps me to keep creating free content like this for you, and hopefully saves you more than $70 down the track! Thankyou!




Blood Ketone Meter

free blood ketone monitor





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I’m FatForWeightLoss. My aim is to help you through your keto journey by sharing simple keto recipes, low carb recipes, micronutrient expertise, lifestyle decisions and sports & fitness knowledge from the trenches. I have a diploma in exercise nutrition so lets talk keto!

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