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Hi! I’m Aaron. I'm an Accredited Nutritional Therapist and Advanced Sports Exercise Nutritional Adviser. My aim is to help you through your keto journey by sharing simple keto recipes, low carb recipes, micronutrient expertise, lifestyle decisions and sports & fitness knowledge from the trenches.

Chicken And Bacon Recipes you can make with Less Ingredients

Ketosis can be a difficult lifestyle to follow if you don’t have your meals organised.

Mindless eating is one of the biggest reasons why people do not stick with a ketogenic diet, or why they eventually fall back into eating their regular diet. There has to be a way to make easy keto recipes!

Make Ketogenic Diets Cheaper

As a low carb food blogger, my aim this week was to make a string of simple meals that could be made using similar ingredients.

Food waste is a big problem, so I’m trying my best to help you eliminate costs by eliminating excessive ingredients!


When you’re looking for something to make for a meal, it usually goes like this:

  1. Finds a recipe online
  2. Buy all the ingredients necessary to make that recipe
  3. ….Freak out about how much one meal costs
  4. Makes recipe, enjoys it thoroughly!
  5. Extra ingredients are left sitting in the fridge until they either turn bad, or you throw a whole bunch of random ingredients in the pan and hope for a miracle.

I try to make plenty of healthy meals at home, but I also enjoy eating a variety of different meals all the time.

Chicken and Bacon Recipes – A Weeks Worth Of Easy Cooking

Making a huge batch of casserole for the week might be great for time efficiency, but by the end of the week you are pretty sick to death of the taste…

My New Recipe Book

keto recipe book

I chose some easy and relatively cheap ingredients and based 5 different recipes off of those ingredients.

The ingredients I chose:

  1. Bacon
  2. Chicken
  3. Avocado
  4. Sesame Seed Oil
  5. Green Leafy Vegetables
  6. Mayonnaise

There are so many great recipes that originate from these ingredients, so it was pretty easy to come up with a couple of delicious options which involve only those ingredients.

Easy Keto Recipes For Lunches

I had these meals for lunch at work. I chose to eat the meals that contained the green leafy vegetables first, to ensure that the leafy greens didn’t give me salmonella!

Monday – Creamy Chicken and Avocado Salad

Creamy Chicken Avocado Salad

Tuesday – Chicken Lettuce Cups

chicken lettuce cups

Wednesday – Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

bacon wrapped chicken

Thursday – Chicken and Bacon Kebabs

chicken bacon kebabs

Friday – Steamed Asian Chicken with Greens

Asian Steamed Chicken with Greens

Recently, I’ve switched from setting up my daily ketogenic meals day by day, to setting them a week in advance.

To do this, I’m now using similar ingredients, making it cheaper to eat Keto whilst also getting creative for all the FatForWeightLoss KetoBlog readers!

Let me tell you, it’s a fantastic change, and it really alleviates any worry about whether you have the correct ingredients.

Some people find that their consistent motivation comes from having the choice every day on what to eat.

In this case, recipes are a far better option as you are able to morph your ingredients at home into something that is worthwhile eating.

How Can You Use These Easy Keto Recipes?

Below I’ve attached a schedule of meals, which you can print out and follow. I’ve also included a shopping list which contains everything you’ll need in order to make these recipes, line them up in containers and be a determined easy keto recipes chef!

  1. Print out the meal plan
  2. Print out the ingredient list
  3. Make all the meals on a Sunday night
  4. Share with your friends! – Friends don’t let friends eat carbs.
January 1
Day 1
January 2
Day 2
January 3
Day 3
January 4
Day 4
January 5
Day 5
Creamy Chicken Avocado Salad with Sesame Sauce (1)
Chicken and Bacon Lettuce Cups with Creamy Coriander Sauce (1)
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken (1)
Chicken and Bacon Kebabs (1)
Asian Steamed Chicken with Greens (1)
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Ingredient Quantity

If you would like to get more of these simple, how-to ketogenic recipes and the meal plan included, you can sign up for free in the following types of categories:

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More Easy Keto Recipes Each Week!

Every week I will be putting together 5 recipes, each of which include only a few simple ingredients which I’ll put together at the end of the week as an easy guide like this post is.

Creating easy keto recipes is hard! Thats why so many people have such a hard time sticking to the diet. A lifestyle change is harder to put together than it is to actually execute. If you follow this weeks recipes, you’ll hopefully be in ketosis much quicker without all the stress!

What Is Keto? What Can I Eat?

As far as what you can eat, Ketogenic diets are done differently by different people. Eat dark green leafy vegetables, fatty red meats, chicken with the skin left on, fish, offal (organ meat), eggs, seeds & nuts, full-fat dairy, or anything else you can find rich in nutrition, fat, protein and fibre.

Carbs are a limit. Protein is a target. Fat is to be consumed to remove hunger and meet macros requirements.

Although fibre is a carbohydrate, it is not digested as a simple carbohydrate and is therefore not included in your daily carb count. It’s important to stress that fibre doesn’t NEGATE carbs – it just isn’t counted; so mixing a handful of flax meal into a bowl of ice-cream won’t work!

Others however find it extremely tough sticking to a new lifestyle if there isn’t a clear guideline on how each day should pan out. In this case, it’s much easier to follow a meal plan and prepare all meals in advance.

Best Ketogenic Diet Books – Further Reading

If you are looking for more information regarding a ketogenic diet, and wish to dig deep into the details on why fat is good for you, then I suggest reading the following materials:

Keto Clarity

The Big Fat Surprise 

Primal Endurance

The Obesity Code

The Real Meal Revolution

Best Low Carb / Keto Videos

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About the Author:

Hi! I’m Aaron (FatForWeightLoss). I'm an Accredited Nutritional Therapist and Advanced Sports Exercise Nutritional Adviser. My aim is to help you through your keto journey by sharing simple keto recipes, low carb recipes, micronutrient expertise, lifestyle decisions and sports & fitness knowledge from the trenches.

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