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Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm FatForWeightLoss. My aim is to help you through your keto journey by sharing simple keto recipes and low carb recipes, micro nutrient expertise, lifestyle decisions and sports & fitness knowledge from the trenches. Get in contact and lets discuss everything keto!

Keto Bread

Keto Bread When you switch to a ketogenic diet, for most people it is very hard to give up carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. This keto bread makes the switch much easier, easily being able to still have sandwiches and toast. I didn’t want to release a keto bread [...]

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Really Simple Ketogenic Breakfast Eggs

Really Simple Ketogenic Breakfast Eggs This is a recipe outlined in Tim Ferris's new book called "Tools Of Titans". Its Dominic D'Agostino's Favourite! Eggs are the perfect breakfast on a ketogenic diet. They are little powerhouses of nutritional value and energy content. Eggs for breakfast is simple, time efficient and a [...]

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