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I’m not losing weight. What am i doing wrong?

I’m not losing weight. What am i doing wrong?

Many people decided to start a ketogenic lifestyle initially to lose weight. Remember, you’re not doing anything wrong if you are not losing weight. At first, the weight just seems to slide off due to the water loss by restricting carbohydrates.


After a little while, you might not be seeing the results that you loved during the start of the lifestyle.


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This is because by eating less sugar and carbohydrates, you begin to increase your insulin sensitivity, which enables your body to build muscle.


To avoid disappointment, make sure you take body measurements when the number on the scales isn’t going down. Progress pictures can give a visual representation of where you are in your ketogenic journey, but it is useful to track your waist, butt, and arm measurements.


During plateaus, you will be still shedding inches, but the scale might not necessarily move as quickly. Just keep going for the sake of who you want to become.


Just remember, Keep Calm And Keto On!

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