Get Back On Track with  Ketogenic Kickstart Course with Online Video (30 Day Program)


Here is a preview of what I'll be teaching...

It’s called the “Ketogenic Kickstart” and it includes everything you need to start, even if you don’t know the first thing about keto.

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Video #1

What To Say When People Ask What You're Doing


Video #2

Why Social Accountability Is So Important?


Video #3

Why is Timeframe Important To Keep In Mind?


Video #4

Lets talk about Temptations.. PLUS MANY MORE VIDEOS

I want to help you Commit To Keto AND enjoy delicious, healthy meals with your family and friends.

It’s called the “Ketogenic Kickstart” and it includes everything you need to start, even if you don’t know the first thing about keto, or if you are taking the challenge solo.
This month, I want to help you to commit to your keto diet AND enjoy delicious, healthy meals with your family and friends.
You won’t need to spend time brainstorming meal ideas and testing recipes… I’ve done it for you. Now you can watch me as I take you through the simple steps to adjusting your mindset for success.
Whether it’s cooking up scrumptious dinners, or mastering the quick and easy lunch pack, you’ll get everything you need to play the role of master chef

What You'll Discover in this 30 Day Course:


90+ Mins of Informational Videos

I take you through key principals of the ketogenic diet, discuss common sticking points and week by week videos


Complete 30 Day Meal Plan (4 Weeks)

A delicious plan packed full of delicious recipes that are not only easy to make, but taste good enough to feed to the whole family. 


Email Coaching with FatForWeightLoss

Thats right, get personal email coaching from Aaron (FatForWeightLoss) - I'll answer any questions and suggest personal improvements tailored to you!


eBook with Ketogenic Tips and Tricks

40 pages of helpful ketogenic information, covering everything from health issues (cholesterol etc), right through to specific symptoms common to your first 4 weeks of Keto.

What Others Are Saying:


Kathi - CA, United States

"Although my husband and I had been focusing on the Keto diet for several weeks with moderate success, we had stalled in our weight loss and were starting to get bored with this new way of eating. Then I ran across Aaron's 30-Day Challenge on Facebook ... perfect timing to keep us from “losing everything we had gained” on the Keto diet (pun intended!) Aaron’s videos are very educational and motivational. They explain the Keto diet in understandable terms and address possible emotional issues that could become challenges to your success. And, yes, we’ve both started losing again after the first week of the challenge. You won’t be disappointed if you join Aaron’s 30-Day Challenge

Rosemary Brisbane, Australia

“To anyone thinking of starting a Ketogenic diet make sure you don’t overlook Keto Kickstart run by Aaron Day. This is an amazing course where your hand is held all the way through the initial 30 day challenge. In addition to meal plans,shopping lists etc Aaron is always available to offer guidance, motivation and answer questions. What more could you ask for?

Darline WA, United States

"The personal coaching, I received from Aaron was above and beyond any type of coaching I have ever received. If I had a question I just asked, and that question was replied to immediately. I was never left guessing or wondering what I needed to do. There is also a Facebook page where I have interacted with others on my weight loss journey. On that page we share our progress, give tips, and cheer each other along. I feel extra special when Aaron cheers along with us. Aaron also send me an email each week checking on my progress and offering support. This is great, it keeps me accountable and if I have any questions I just ask. He always replies promptly.

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