FREE 4 Week Ketogenic Program: A Low Carb Lifestyle for Muscle Building.

Ketogenic Muscle Meal Plan - 4 Weeks
A fully updated guide to Ketogenic Muscle Building:
  • Learn how I gained 4 kilograms in 4 weeks: Gaining weight on a ketogenic diet isn't hard when you know the exact steps to follow. Meal prep easier than ever!
  • Learn How To Define Your Goals . Once you understand which actions return the most effective results, learn how to set a goal and set your timeline.
  • Learn How I Doubled My Squat Weight In 4 Weeks:  All with less than 2 hours at the gym a week, I was able to go from 50kg squats to 100kg squats 
Aaron Day, FatForWeightLoss

“I am a cyclist and a runner, competing in half marathons and tough single day cycling events. Your body weight as an endurance athlete is very important, but a few years of training left me feeling weak and malnourished. Gaining weight whilst doubling my strength has been the best decision I've ever made. I'm heavier, but much faster and loving every bit!


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During the 4 weeks, You Will Discover:

Learn what to target when increasing your strength

As described above, learn how I doubled my strength in 4 short weeks and increased my power output on the bike, while improving my running times without injury. 

High Fat Does Not Mean High Cost!

Changing your diet can sometimes mean that you want to spend emotionally and buy EVERYTHING, all in the first few days. Learn how to avoid this.

Simple Recipes That Take Less Than 30 mins

Plenty of simple step by step recipes that show you how eating fat can change the way you perform. You even get a shopping list with all the required ingredients.

Create Positive Feedback

We're here to make it as simple as possible, but sometimes its nice to talk to others who are going through the same process. I will be your personal guide throughout the whole process.

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