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With 260+ simple recipes with easy to find ingredients, you'll always have the power to eat healthy, delicious meals, even when the cravings strike. 

Keto Jumpstart Bundle (50% OFF)

  • Are you struggling to find recipes that are suitable for the whole family?  
  • Are you finding it tough to stay inspired and committed to your health with the same recipes every day? 
  • Wouldn’t you like to cook meals your family will love that are in line with keto?  
  • Then getting your copy of Keto Jumpstart bundle is a great next step! 
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From the moment you download these recipes, you’ll feel totally inspired. Just think of how easy it’s going to be to stay on track, plan your meals and keep your family happy with The Keto Jumpstart Bundle.  

 Keto Friendly Scones with Jam

Delicious scones with whipped cream and keto blueberry jam. Perfect for cravings.

Keto Takeaway Sesame Chicken 

Skip the chinese takeout and have this sesame seed chicken instead. The whole family will love it.

Keto Garlic Bread

Freshly baked garlic bread for an entree, or a sneaky netflix and chill.

What's Included

  • The Beginners Ketogenic Cookbook (RRP $14.99) 60+ Keto recipes for beginners to the ketogenic diet, including all the staple recipes for making the transition into low carb as easy as possible.  

  • Keto Recipes Everyone Will Actually Eat (RRP $14.99) 100+ Keto Recipes including breakfasts, main meals, desserts and snacks that are super easy, and made in under 30 minutes.  

  • 3 Ingredient Keto eCookbook (RRP $9.99) That's right, 3 ingredients. Sounds crazy right? In this book I teach you how to create delicious, creative meals using only 3 ingredients. Honestly, this is how I eat almost every day. You can make this with ANY ingredients. I'll show you how easy it is!
  • Keto Bread Recipe eBook (RRP $9.99) This cookbook is a combination of all of my favourite keto bread recipes including naan bread, super flexible wraps, garlic bread (my favourite), nut free keto bread, and 20+ other recipes I know you're going to enjoy.  

  • Keto Christmas eCookbook (RRP $9.99) This cookbook was my guideline to creating a keto Christmas last year, but it's been upgraded and made EVEN BETTER. Even if you're not planning on sticking to keto this Christmas, you'll still find recipes that you can take along to your family dinner that will BLOW THEIR MINDS!

What Others Are Saying

Genuinely meals that a family could eat 

I purchased this set... and not only is it great value... but the recipies are easy to make, and delicious. And genuinely meals that a family could eat (without knowing it's keto ;). I hate cooking at the best of times... but these books make it enjoyable and rewarding

- Jodie Daniel

Thank you FatForWeightLoss, you've nailed it!

Had been looking for a keto recipe book that was affordable, easy to follow and had the science embedded. Thank you FatForWeightLoss, you've nailed it!

- Selina Miler

The best cookbook I have seen for a while.

All the portions you need are shown with the before and after cooking photos,and the ingredients are really simple. After a long day at work this book is your number 1 friend if your interested in keto Two thumbs up  

- Silvana Chudleigh

With The Keto Jumpstart Bundle You See Yourself Committed To Your Health

You come home from work, you already know what you’re eating and you’re excited to have dinner.  

With the Keto Jumpstart Bundle you see yourself committed to your health by being prepared with plenty of easy, healthy recipes when cravings arise, or if you want to prepare a healthy meal for you and the family.  

Meet Aaron

Meet Aaron - Top Expert In The Keto Community 

Aaron is regarded as a top expert in the Keto Community helping thousands of people lose weight successfully with keto every month. With his recipes, you will see how weight loss success through keto can be yours too! 



Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time to focus on the keto diet right now?  

  • Most meals are created to save you time in the kitchen: You can cook almost everything in 20 minutes or less, and just store the extra food in the fridge for later. You can also cook your foods in advance for a whole week in under 2 hours.  

What if I won't find all the ingredients in the grocery store?  

  • Honestly, the hardest to find is the almond flour. But even almond flour can be purchased from most groceries stores in the US and Australia, so you won’t need to spend more time shopping for keto than you would have spent on your usual groceries.  

What kind of weight-loss results should I expect?  

  • The ketogenic diet will bring fast, life-changing weight loss results for everybody who wants to lose weight.Over a 4-week period, women should expect to lose at least 10 lb of fat and continue to lose weight assuming they stay in ketosis.

How will the ketogenic diet benefit people who are dealing with health issues?  

There are promising studies that that the following illnesses may be better managed by following the ketogenic diet:  

  • Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 
  • GERD and heartburn 
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Dementia 
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Bipolar and other mental illnesses 
  • Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders  

Keto Jumpstart Bundle (50% OFF)

Stay commited to your health by being prepared with plenty of easy, healthy recipes when cravings arise, or if you want to prepare a healthy meal for you and the family. 

keto ebook bundle

Keto Jumpstart Bundle isn’t available publicly. This is a private offer just for you today. 

“I really look forward to you getting your hands on these recipes! You will agree with me that they are the best. I get very excited when I get emails from happy clients who make my recipes, and I bet you’ll be the next one ” 

- Aaron