Finding Keto Difficult?
Learn Keto Macros with 3 Ingredient Meals Anyone Can Prepare In 15 Minutes or Less

Does the ketogenic diet confuse you?

The ketogenic diet has been around for a little while, and with so many different opinions and concepts, it has become tricky to navigate, and worst of all, downright confusing.

You probably know what your normal plate of food looks like, but what does a plate of ketogenic food look like? How do you know how much fat, protein and carbs are allowed to stay in ketosis?

The 3-Ingredient Keto Cookbook

Simple, Delicious Recipes Anyone Can Prepare In 15 Minutes or Less, only $9.99 AUD Today

About FatForWeightLoss

My name is Aaron, I’m an accredited nutritional therapist and I’ve been on a strict ketogenic diet for more than 2 years.  

Keto seems so natural for me now, but the truth is that it took me months of research and experimentation with different foods that made keto feel like an everyday diet.

​I hate over complicating foods, and following a macro tracker felt like a jail sentence, and I'm sure you might feel the same way.

This is why I kept experimenting with ingredients and ratios, whilst researching and testing the best keto meals out there. 

Why must the keto diet be so complicated?

  • What is the best macronutrient ratio? 
  • wait... what is a macro?
  • Why is macronutrients more important than micronutrients?
  • How much protein should I eat?
  • Why am I not losing weight? 
  •  ...It's tiring!

Keep It Simple! What are the most important things?

  • Finding proteins, fats and carbs that work for your goals, digestion and hormones 
  • Knowing what those different types of foods look like on a plate, without a scale and a tracking app
  • Learning how to combine spices and herbs to eat nutritious, delicious foods cheaply.

The 3-Ingredient Keto Cookbook

3 Ingredient Keto Recipes

$9.99 AUD Today! Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Most people need macro calculators to figure out what a ketogenic meal looks like. This cookbook will show you a simple ratio you can use to make hitting your ketogenic macronutrients.

I’ve come up with a ration that can turn any 3 Ingredients into a delicious meal, making your fridge one of the easiest go-to keto food resources. Honestly, I wish someone had created when I was just starting out my journey.

You can turn a complex diet into a simple lifestyle, with only 3 ingredients

  • Detailed personal ratio, all without the need for a food tracking app.
  • Simple ingredients you will already have in the fridge right now
  • Prepare your recipes for the day in 15 minutes or less
  • Complete List Of Allowed Proteins, Fats and Carbs
  • Guide to herbs and spices to help you replicate cuisines from over 14 Countries around the world.
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    You will no longer have to worry about what other people's diet looks like, you'll have your own road map.

I have given this a 5 star rating because the information in these books alone is worth every cent.

When you first start on a Keto diet you hunt the internet to find information but Aaron has all the information right here.

He explains all about the different sugars, flours, bread that tastes like eggs etc.

He has the best bread recipes and recipes that are tasty and easy to put together.

A lot of people are put off by the amount of cooking or preparing for a Keto diet but you will not find this with Aaron's recipes. 

Sandy -  (Australia)

The 3-Ingredient Keto Cookbook

$9.99 AUD Today! Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Every recipe has a before and after picture, showing you exactly what the ratios look like



With this simple ratio, you will never have to calculate macros again. Simple put it on a plate, and you're done.

Compatible With All Devices

This eBook works on every device you own. If you don't have access to a computer, it is also easily printed.


Detailed Cooking Instructions

Get the exact ingredients and cooking steps you need to make sure your food tastes perfect. No more bland tasting meals!

US and Australian friendly ingredients

All ingredients can easily be purchased from common grocery stores in US and Australia


Easy To Prepare

Created for busy people, my recipes are quick and delectable.


Guaranteed to taste yummy!

Sure, you can find other ketogenic recipes online, but how do you make sure they’ll taste great and you won’t waste time and money cooking something you don’t enjoy?

Since I’ve been testing and experimenting with different combinations and ingredients, I can guarantee that everything listed in this book is tested, refined, and optimized to taste great.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Salami Feta Roll-Ups

Learn how to make a simple meal that requires no cooking, with salami, spinach and feta that's packed full of nutrients.

Blueberry Walnut Delight

That's right, you can make delicious desserts using this ratio as well. It can't get any simpler than that.

Italian Style Guide

Learn how to combine these simple foods to create italian cuisine.

Indian Style Guide

Learn how to combine spices and herbs to inspire taste and simplicity.

+ 14 Other Countries

money back


Just say “Maybe” to my premium cookbook and feel free to test the recipes out for 60 days.

If, for any reason, you don’t like the foods or the cooking instructions, you’ll get a full, no-questions-asked refund available for the next 60 Days.

Lose weight and simplify your life with easy recipes that will make you love the journey.

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    No bake, genius techniques that inspire creativity and simplify cooking
  • No more hunger or cravings, or cheat meals
  • No more guessing

You will be given instant access

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this cookbook a physical book, or an ebook?

The book for sale on this page is an ebook, but if you would prefer the physical book, you can purchase using the link below from

Click Here To Purchase The Physical Book

What if I don't have time to focus on the keto diet right now?

For only $9.99, you will save so much time, even more time than if you were cooking a normal meal. It will be the best concept you ever learn.

What if I won't find all the ingredients in the grocery store?

​There are no ingredients you won't find, plus I teach you how to use the ingredients you've already got to create delicious, keto friendly meals.


How will the ketogenic diet benefit people who are dealing with health issues?

There are promising studies that that the following illnesses may be better managed by following the ketogenic diet:

•Type 2 Diabetes
•Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
•Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
•GERD and heartburn
•Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

There is also emerging scientific evidence to show that people who are suffering from these neurologic and mental illness can greatly benefit by following a ketogenic diet:

•Alzheimer’s disease
•Parkinson’s disease
•Bipolar and other mental illnesses
•Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders


Why put off taking your health to the next level? You can buy The 3 Ingredient Keto eCookbook right now for only $9.99. The book comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

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