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This eBook contains the best keto fat bomb recipes you'll find anywhere on the internet. From peanut butter cups, right through to savoury snacks. You won't even know they are keto!

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Nobody likes opening the fridge, pushing past the sweet condiments, only to sulk away feeling empty handed. It always feels like quick and easy snacks always contain forbidden ingredients right?

Do your friends and coworkers enjoy cake for morning tea? or is the sweets jar just too tempting for you to resist?

Imagine how easy your life would be if you could have healthy snacks ready to go?

Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Kick back and share a treat with your co-workers, or cure hunger strikes for your partner and family in a snap!


Aaron Day -Chef at FatForWeightLoss  strives to make every recipe as simple as possible, without compromising on taste. He is an Accredited Nutritional Therapist and Advanced Sports Exercise Nutritional Adviser.

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